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Renfrewshire Meditation and Mindfulness Group in the tradition of Vietnamese Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh (Thây)

Thank you for your interest in our group

Thay41This group is for the beautiful practice of Meditation & Mindfulness and is based on the teachings of the Buddha and in the tradition of one of the most respected Zen Masters in the world, Thich Nhat Hanh. .

There is no requirement to be experienced in meditation, beginners are welcome!

Although the practice is based on Buddha’s teachings, this practice is NOT specific to religion; it’s about Mindfulness & Peace! Non-Buddhists are welcome!

The group is for anyone who wishes to attend

There is no requirement to attend on a regular basis

Thursday evenings 19.30 – 21.00 @ 

Old Library Centre, 9 High Barholm Street, Kilbarchan, Renfrewshire PA10 2AT


Kilmacolm Community Centre, Lochwinnoch Road,Kilmacolm PA13 4HB (room 1.04)

Please check our website for details

 “Sangha building is crucial. If you are without a sangha you lose your practice very soon. In our tradition we say that without the Sangha you are like a tiger that has left his mountain and gone to the lowlands – he will be caught and killed by humans. If you practice without a Sangha you are abandoning your practice”  

If you are surrounded by Sangha, you have the chance to sit together, to learn together, and you won’t lose your practice.

We will start the evening by listening to the sound of the bell, followed by a short sitting guided meditation. We will then go into a short walking meditation (Kinh Hanh), followed by a silent sitting meditation. This will then be followed by a reading, and then a period of reflection, sharing and deep listening. We will end with Sharing the Merit of the practice.

You can sit in a chair to meditate, or you can bring your own meditation cushion or stool if you would prefer to sit on the floor. A meditation mat for under a cushion is essential. If you do not have one, a folded blanket or towel will suffice. Wearing something loose and comfortable for meditation will help you relax! You might like to bring a blanket and cosy socks, and perhaps a scarf to tie round your middle to support your hands, and maybe a small bottle of water.

There will also be Meditation & Mindfulness days, Walking Meditations, Retreats and other events organised throughout the year

This is a NON-PROFIT group. However, we do request each  to make a donation of around £5.00, this is used to pay for the cost of hiring the hall. Our new hall hire is almost 3 times what we would have paid at our original meeting place. Any money left over will be held as a rolling ”hall hire” fund and will cover us for weeks when we have less members attending. Some money from classes will also be used for materials to promote future classes and events, and we will also invest in materials for our group practice as we go along, mainly a new bell. Any further money raised will be donated to Plum Village in aid  of Sponsorship VIETNAM.!/pages/Community-of-Interbeing-Scotland/129561537117649

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