The Community of Interbeing UK is an English registered charity and company limited by guarantee, whose aims are to promote the teaching and practice of Thich Nhat Hanh and to assist local groups with this aim. Our charity number is 1096680 and our company number is  4623280.

Our register entry at the Charity Commission which gives regulatory information about us can be found on their website.  We are governed by a constitution which comprises our Memorandum & Articles as a company.

The trustees, acting collectively, have the legal responsibility for seeing that all resources held by the national organisation are used effectively for these purposes, and that the CoI UK complies with laws, including charity regulations, pays its taxes etc. Within such legal responsibilities, the trustees serve the Community by responding to, and facilitating, the ideas and activity coming from local groups and individual members.

Trustees are members of the charity who have taken the Five Mindfulness Trainings who are willing to serve, and are supported by the members at the Annual Assembly. New trustees can be co-opted to make up the team, or be proposed at the Assembly.

The Trustees meet regularly to deal with finances, projects and communications issues. Meetings are minuted and the trustees report to the members at the Assembly, also to the Charity Commission and Companies House.

Any member can put their ideas and suggestions to the trustees. They are welcome to attend a meeting of the trustees (if they are willing to read past minutes to familiarise themselves with our work) and can contribute if asked – but only the trustees take part in decisions.