COI National Bursary Scheme

The Scheme is intended to encourage those who wish to deepen their practice and to fulfil our aspiration to promote the practice and teaching of Thich Nhat Hanh.

About the Scheme and how awards are made

  • The Scheme is intended for people who have been practising for at least 12 months and are current members of the CoI.
  • Applicants must be resident in the UK.
  • Financial assistance is offered in connection with events at Plum Village and The European Institute of Applied Buddhism. Funds permitting, assistance will also be offered to members with children wishing to attend UK family retreats.
  • Regular attendance at a local sangha is desirable although exceptions will be acknowledged.
  • Applications need to be supported by a sangha and/or an Order member.
  • Assistance is offered in relation to travel and/or course or retreat costs.
  • The level of support we are able to offer will depend on available funds and the number and type of applications we receive.
  • A contribution of up to 50% of your costs will be considered. However we expect that the majority of awards will be less than this.
  • All the information we need to assess an application is requested on the application form – there is no need to include a supporting letter.

Please read and complete the application form if you want to apply for the Scheme