This is a large site and parts are being updated regularly.  If you notice something wrong, or out of date, please let us know.

Who does what at the moment.


  • Webmaster:  Siggi Skulason.  Please contact him using the form at the bottom of the ‘Contact’ page.
  • Events:  Paul Rees.  For new events and updates to existing ones, please contact Paul using the form on the ‘Contact’ page.
  • Sangha details:  Steph Hoare maintains the contact details and the map.  Please contact her on the ‘Contact’ page
  • SEO:  (Search Engine Optimisation) Steph and Siggi. This helps people find us when searching online.  Every page has to be checked, text re-written, links made etc.


Amending a page

It is often difficult to follow your request if it says something like “Can you change XX to YY”  or “Please add ZZ to the page”.  Sometimes emails go back and forth.  The most helpful thing is if you simply copy the page (or section) and amend it yourself and send the amended text.  That way we can often easily make the change as you intended.


Your suggestions for improving the site

We welcome your suggestions, but please do not make general criticism without specific proposals.

It’s not helpful to say things like:

  • When we get a decent website we will be able to….
  • Why don’t you get a good web designer
  • The XXX page isn’t easy to follow
  • The site needs modernising if you want to appeal to young people

More helpful things to say:

  • Here’s a picture you might use on YYY page
  • Here is the link to a great video clip for page YZ – I suggest you start it at ZZ mins in and put it next to the PP paragraph.
  • Page ZZZ doesn’t explain PPP very well, here is some suggested wording
  • At the moment it is difficult to find QQQ, could you…….
  • The site would appeal more to young people if it looked like this…….. I can help you do this (or know someone who can)


Helping to improve the site

There are always things to do!  If you can offer any of these skills, please contact the webmaster using the form on the ‘Contact’ page.

  • Wordsmith.  Do you have the skills to write clearly and simply?  Could you edit some of the material to make it more accessible?  Readability is a key factor in search-engine rankings.
  • Page design.  Do you have skills to make the page or the site look better and be easier to use?
  • Links.  Could you go through the pages and check that all the links work?  Could you contact other websites and ask them to link to us? (this helps search engines)
  • Creating new material.

Please use the form on the ‘Contact’ page.