Meditation before meetings

Dear Lord Buddha and teachers over many generations:

We vow to go through this meeting in a spirit of togetherness as we review all ideas and consolidate them to reach a harmonious understanding or consensus. We vow to use the methods of loving speech and deep listening in order to bring about the success of this meeting as an offering to the Three Jewels.

We vow not to hesitate to share our ideas and insights but also vow not to say anything when the feeling of irritation is present in us. We are resolutely determined not to allow tension to build up in this meeting. If any one of us senses the start of tension, we will stop immediately and practice Beginning Anew right away so as to re-establish an atmosphere of togetherness and harmony.

Pre-meeting contemplation

When I look at you, I see you as a flowing stream and not a separate self to reproach or to praise. Looking into you, I see your ancestors, your lineage, your parents, our homeland, your culture, the things that are great and beautiful, and the things that are not yet great and beautiful. You are a wonderful manifestation, a flower in the garden of humanity. I am aware of your presence and I cherish your presence. I also hope that you see me as a flowing stream, and not a separate self to reproach, to criticize or to praise. We are brothers and sisters of each other in this Sangha. Therefore, I have you in me and you have me in you. We must support and encourage each other to cultivate further the things that are great and beautiful in us, and to transform those that are not yet so great and beautiful. If I said something to help you transform, it is not a reproach but it is my hope for you. Looking into me, you also see the things that are unskillful and imperfect, and if you said something to me, it is not a criticism or a reproach, but it is only a hope for me to transform. When you transform, I can be happier, and when I transform, you can be happier. We support one another on the path of practice. We need each other. I deeply cherish your presence in our community. 

With grateful thanks to Teri West who sourced this contemplation from  Facebook.    May 2013