The Third Earth Touching –   Land Ancestors

In 2012 at the Dharma Training event at Crossways, Murray Corke facilitated the Five Earth Touchings. ln it,he offered an amended version of The Third Earth Touching, Land Ancestors, in which he referred to our Far Ancestors.   I found this very inspiring – reflecting on the times when our ancestors were more in touch with the natural world.
We have been using this version at our Days of Mindfulness in Chesterfield and to recognise those in our sangha who come from other lands, I have added a sentence and also broadened the list of inspirational names.

I contacted Murray with a view to this version being available to British sanghas, if they so wish, to use. Murray kindly suggested we offer it jointly to you.

The content is, basically, the “official” version in the Plum Village recitation book and the booklet distributed at Nottingham with the amendments as described. We hope you enjoy it.

The amended version

“l see that I am whole, protected, and nourished by this land and all of the living beings who have been here and made life easy and possible for me through all their efforts. I see Florence Nightingale, Elizabeth Fry, William Wilberforce, Emmeline Pankhurst, Alexander Fleming and all the others known and unknown who have struggled so that we could live better lives. Should your own ancestral origin be different from that as implied here, please bring to mind names of inspiring figures that may be more meaningful to you. <pause>

I see all those who have made this country a refuge, for people of so many origins and colours, by their talent, perseverance and love – those who have worked hard to build schools, hospitals, bridges, and roads, to protect human rights, to develop science and technology, and to fight for freedom and social justice.

I see myself touching my far ancestors of Celtic origin who have lived on this land for such a long time and have known the ways to live in peace and harmony with nature, protecting the mountains, forests, animals, vegetation, and minerals of this land.  I see my other ancestors of Norse, Germanic, and French origin that introduced such diversity into our land.  I feel the energy of this land penetrating my body and soul supporting and accepting me. I vow to cultivate and maintain this energy and transmit it to future generations. I vow to contribute my part in transforming the violence, hatred, and delusion that still lie deep in the collective consciousness of this society so that future generations will have more safety, joy, and peace.  I ask this land for its protection and support.”

Murray Corke – True Great Practice

Paul Rees – True Essential Insight

November 2012