What are retreats?

Many of us have problems in our lives and some of us turn to mindfulness practice to improve our happiness. Mindfulness retreats are a way to make progress in your practice, to have a complete break from your everyday life and focus on the change you want to make. Suppose you are learning to play tennis.  Your once-a-week lessons are fine, but your progress is slow. A full weekend of practice can give you a big boost in your tennis skills.  A retreat gives you the same chance to practise your happiness skills.

On a retreat you leave behind your everyday life, turn off the phone, leave emails unanswered and enjoy some complete silence.  The atmosphere is calm and supportive.  Everyone has the same purpose.  There are people there to help if you need them.

Some of us benefit most from the informal discussions with other retreatants, some from the more formal teachings.

Retreats we offer

  • In-depth retreats – for those who are familiar with the basic practices.
  • Residential retreats led by monastics from Plum Village. Family-friendly and open to all ages.
  • More retreats and events inspired by this tradition.
  • International retreats in France, Germany and throughout the world

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In-depth retreats

These mindfulness retreats are designed for those who are familiar with the basic practices (though newcomers are welcome).  The content will be around applying the practice to deal with specific difficulties or generate happiness in specific ways.

They will make use of a section of one of Thich Nhat Hanh’s books and participants are invited to read this beforehand (though this is not a requirement).

More retreats and events inspired by this tradition.

Besides the events organised centrally by the CoI, there are many events run by local groups or by individuals inspired by the ‘mindfulness in everday life’ approach.  Take a look at what is on offer.

International retreats

  • Plum Village, France.
  • EIAB, Germany.
  • others