International Retreats

There is a full programme of retreats and courses at Plum Village in France and the European Institute of Applied Buddhism in Germany.


Plum Village

Plum Village, the main retreat centre in France, offers a program of mindful living retreats hosted by the Plum Village monastic community and led by Senior Dharma Teachers.

They warmly welcome you to come and practice with them, and experience the joy and peace of mindful living in community.

European Institute for Applied Buddhism (EIAB)

The European Institute of Applied Buddhism (EIAB) offers a complete program of training in concrete methods that relieve suffering and promote happiness and peace in ourselves and in the world. The training fully integrates the study of Buddhist texts with concrete applications at all levels of daily life.

Bursary fund

There is a possibility of a bursary for anyone who would like to attend an event at either Plum Vuillage or EIAB who would otherwise be financially unable to do so.  Details of our National Bursary Scheme are on the application form.

The Scheme is intended for people who have been practising for at least 12 months  and applications need to be supported by a sangha and/or an Order member.