Submitting,changing or cancelling an event

Our courses, retreats and events listing shows four categories of events.  Unless stated, these events are open to all to attend. 
  • Events organised by the COI nationally
  • Independent events organised by Friends of the COI and by COI members that we have been requested to bring to your attention.
  • Events for members and aspirants of the Order of Interbeing only.
  • Events organised by local Sanghas which are aimed at a national or regional audience.
We also have a calendar of courses, retreats and other events which allows you to view all these items by date.
NB:  The COI has no involvement in the running of independent events.

Submitting an event

To get your events on our retreats and courses webpage, please send details to us using this form.

We need, please:

  • The start and end dates (and if you know them, the times)
  • The name of the event
  • A few lines about the event and the benefits of attending it (if you have a photo, that’s really helpful!)
  • The full name, address and postcode of the venue
  • The cost
  • Details of how to book on the event (eg weblink, phone number etc)
  • The organisation or person who is responsible for organising the event

As our listings are national, we list events intended for a national audience.

Cancelling or changing an event already listed.

Again, please use this form.