‘Being Peace’ Cottage

Being Peace Cottage in Bradford Peverell, nr Dorchester, is owned by the Community of Interbeing UK and is available for individual and Sangha retreats.

“There’s so much violence and suffering in the world. If you allow the plague of helplessness to overwhelm you, you’ll go insane. You want to do something – first of all to survive, and then to help reduce the suffering. And we’ve seen, as the Buddha saw, that if we don’t have a sangha, we can’t do very much. So we come together and we stick to the sangha through thick and think, because we know that there is no way out of this situation except with a sangha. When you throw a rock into the river, no matter how small it is, it will sink to the bottom. But if you have a boat, you can keep many rocks afloat. The same is true of a sangha. If you are alone you may sink into the river of suffering. – Thich Nhat Hanh

History of Being Peace Cottage

Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh spoke of his vision for a practice centre in the U.K. He gave us a name for the centre and a calligraphy. Inspired by the vision the UK Sangha began fund-raising and the cottage was acquired by the Community on 11th September 2008. A blessing ceremony for the cottage was conducted by Michael (formerly Brother Michael, Phap Son) and Phap An in 2009.

UK Dharma teachers, members of the Order of Interbeing, monastics from Plum village, from Germany and from the USA have facilitated many retreats at Being Peace Cottage and New Barn, resulting in the tangible energy of mindfulness than can be sensed on arrival at this small but beautiful refuge. Here is a spiritual home where we can practice together to nourish our joy and happiness, and offer healing and transformation to many people.

“Dear Sangha,

Thay is very happy to know that the UK Community is finding a place to make a spiritual home.

To have a residential community is one of the basic aspects of helping Buddhism flourish here in the West. To create an environment where the wholesome qualities in each of us can be nourished is one of he most important things we need to offer to the world today. To have a regular practice schedule, Sangha members meeting each other in an atmosphere of harmony, to have brothers and sisters, couple, families, children, practicing together brings us deep happiness and joy and the realization of how important it is in the world to have places where people can find a refuge, where the Sangha, through he practice of mindfulness, can generate love and compassion, where young people can find and learn the values of living in mindfulness.

We can all participate in the creation of a Pure Land, our contribution can be large or small, but this contribution can generate a wonderful energy of transformation that can heal countless people that can bring our Nation and the world much healing and create the basis for a better future.

Please bring your love and support to this project, not just for yourself but for the countless generations that will come after us. We hope this centre can become a beautiful example for many other Sanghas in many countries to follow.

Thay hopes everybody will give a hand to make this centre a reality.”  – Thich Nhat Hanh




Being Peace Cottage is simply and comfortably furnished.   It sleeps up to six in three bedrooms: one single, one twin, and one treble.  There is an upstairs bathroom with a bath and shower, and also a downstairs WC. The kitchen is well equipped, with a fridge-freezer and a washing machine. (Please ask if you would like to use other rooms and facilities at the neighbouring New Barn Field Centre.) Surrounding the Cottage there is beautiful rolling countryside and there are many lovely walks in the local fields and woods.

Please note that the track to the Cottage is quite rough and unsuitable for delicate vehicles!


Quotes from Being Peace Cottage visitors book:

 “What a great opportunity to enjoy some peaceful present moments.  I enjoyed reading about the veranda at Plum Village called ‘Listening to the Rain Veranda’ whilst listening to the rain on the cottage kitchen roof” 

 “Each time I come here I am able to rest deeply and my heart is filled with joy”   

 “I have arrived, I am home”  These words describe best how we feel here,  We are blessed to enjoy the peace and warmth of both the cottage and the Sangha

 “What a wonderful and precious gift, to come here and grow our Sangha family.  Everything we could possibly need or wished for is here, and all held with peaceful simplicity”  

 “Deep gratitude for the offering of this space.  I’ve enjoyed a peaceful heart and quiet mind after a busy year and feel rejuvenated, joyful.  May this space continue to be a refuge for many

 “Welcomed by starlight, this morning a ray of sunlight shone through the window and asked to be let into my heart”   


Booking Information

The cost of staying at Being Peace Cottage is on a sliding scale from £5 to £20  per person per night.

Children aged 5 to 16 years – half price. Under fives – no charge.

We ask people to pay an amount that is in keeping with their circumstances.  We hope that the sliding scale will make the Cottage available to as many in the UK Sangha as possible.

Local sanghas and other groups can also book the Cottage for a day (£25) or for an evening (£10).

(Use of extra facilities at the New Barn Field Centre will be charged according to New Barn Field Centre’s charging schedule.)

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Please note that the person booking the Cottage has to be a paid-up member of the COI.  If you are not already a member you can join here.


For enquiries and bookings please contact Nan Dower:

Email:  nandower@btinternet.com

Tel:  01308 863515

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