Who does what?

This page sets out ‘who does what?‘ in the UK Community and Order.  It shows the different roles of the CoI Trustees, The Order of Interbeing Council (TOIC) and the UK Dharma teachers (dharmacharyas).


Group Responsibility area Examples
Trustees Legal responsibility for the activities of the charity – including use of resources


Strategy and priorities (and getting key people feeding into and engaged with these)

Resourcing of activities

Developing the overall direction and priorities of the CoI.


Organising action groups to carry out specific tasks

Checking the annual finances, writing annual report and holding AGM.

Ensuring that the CoI activities are in keeping with the Articles of the charity and other legal requirements

Maintaining an ‘engaged practice’ database to facilitate interest groups




Dharmacharyas Offering teachings and support to the COI, Order and beyond Training new Dharmacharyas.


Overseeing changes to the mentoring approach

Giving dharma talks on retreats.

Leading the In-depth retreat programme (with admin support)

Liaising with Plum Village

Supporting new sanghas

Supporting in case of disagreements/problems in sanghas



The Order of Interbeing Council

Supporting Order members.


Deepening practice and building sisterhood and brotherhood.

Developing Order members to become engaged e.g. in retreat organisation or as a prison chaplain.

Organising OI retreats and associated finances/bursaries


Developing regional/local structure of OI

Supporting Order members to engage regionally or by interest group

Mentoring process oversight

Maintaining a skills and willingness database for use to resource key tasks